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About Miss Motor City

Just like any other story, this one starts when I was a kiddo. Growing up my dad always had a giant shop, multiple car projects going and was trying to teach me as much he could. I watched him build a drag car and race it on Saturday nights, learned how to weld, and picked up some of the basics on car repair and maintenance as I was growing up.

Fast forward to January 2017, my soulmate has a week to rebuild a slant 6 for a friend who was in need of his truck but was also in classes at night. I felt like I needed to help somehow to get this thing going by the deadline. So I jumped in, took on all of the grunt work and was cleaning bolts and nuts on the (stationary) wire wheel by hand, using the wire wheel (on the drill) to clean the inside of the block and lapping valves. By the end of the week, we were cranking her up and I was hooked on something I thought I had left in my childhood.

Since then, I've jumped on anything I can help out with from body work and learning to work with bondo and J-B weld to rattle canning a d100 pickup. Summer of 2019, we finally started a project of my own rebuilding a 1970 duster from scratch.

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